Monday, September 5, 2011

Instead of stressed, I lie here charmed.

I have as if waited to write a post around the ^^ above title since forever and today found the right story for it.The title is the lyrics of 'Every me and every you' by may remember it as the OST of Cruel Intentions too. WARNING:this peice of music is seriously addictive..sorta like Smells Like Teen Spirit kinda addictive!! <a WTF fact: Teen Spirit was the name of a deo,so Kurt Cobain unknowingly titled this hit about a deo?>

My blogger stats tell me my last post was 2 months ago....i did sort of give up on blogging, didn't really see where it was taking me...however a little time introspecting taught me i couldn't loose touch with writing, so here i am again hehe!

The other day i was watching the VMAs 2011(yes i watch cheap MTV awards) and Lady Gaga (lord bless this woman!!) gave me the best inspiration i have ever had from her. Although her playing Jo Calerone was a tad bit  over, she did leave me wondering about my Alter Ego.

I am the sort of optimist that loooves life especially the one i have been given...but if i get a chance to change and do it over again i would like to be born differently/well i will put it bluntly: cooler.:

The almost random description of my Alter Ego
I heart the name Svetlana - spelt: SWEAT-LAANA.( now i  am making up complete utter crap of a story but bear with me) She would most probably from Lousanne,Switzerland and studying in London. Tall and free spirited, and a beautiful accent, she would be an ace photographer and a gypsy at heart. Her fashion style would be intriguing too...she shouldnt be quirky but shouldnt fit in the crowd too. Svetlana would go to Coldplay concerts and be blessed with excellent taste in music and bakery ( 2 things i fail in the most). oh and she also has a band where she is a drummer (it has always been a fantasy of mine to be a drummer, well be like meg white exactly). She is an aspiring journalist..not unlike my self. but she lands a spot at Rolling Stones as an intern.

Lake House, Home

Molly Ringwald

Agyness-the goddess-Deyn

Doc Martens who doesn't love them?!
Meg White FTW
Brooke Shields 

Alexa aaargh so perfect Chung

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