Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Falling Whistles is a Congolese organisation working towards peace. Using 'the Whistle' as a symbol of protest, they are gathering 'Whistleblowers' for peace. History tells us that all change is local and all local change begins with a whistleblower. One person, or a small group of people, willing to say out loud what has been kept quiet. The war in Congo has claimed over 5 million lives since 1994. In five years Falling Whistles (FW) has grown a coalition of 100,000 whistleblowers around the world including 50 Whistler Societies, 250 retailers, dozens of politicians and experts, and 8 Congolese entrepreneurs living in the war zone. Join FW to be a whistleblower for peace!

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nothing will change but you, I promise.

I remembered I had a blog. So I came back. Its incredible how you go back to things you discarded, to find them meaningful again.
Here is a thought for you all:
5 year old can teach life lessons for sure.

Now that I am back, let there be a purpose for it. Recently, I was contacted by this amazing site: Cityblis.
Its a curator for thousands of talented designers, its a boutique, and a promoter all in one. Personally, its a fabulous concept. These people work from Sweden but have business spread over 50 countries. 

Here is a peak into all the brilliance happening at Cityblis:

Zoran Dobric
Wan Meng


Sheila Frank               

Katherine Story
Joanne Hynes

Monday, February 20, 2012

Madden shoes come to India

i have been in hibernation :(

but i haven't been useless...check out some of mine and my friends articles on  E-SPECTRUM, an online magazine which covers the past one year with national, international and sports news in detail!  following is my article on the opening of Madden stores in India for the Lifestyle and Fashion section of the magazine.

It is said that  'Good shoes take you to good places'. Many women who swear by this mantra, find it difficult to explain their shoe fetish and why is it that feet couture plays an essential part in their lives. They then turn to the likes of Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Jeffrey Campbell and Steve Madden, people who have weaved their magic to create some iconic shoes with their ability to understand women's feet like no one else.
One such 'magician' has recently landed up on Indian shores, Steve Madden the American footwear giant will now dress up Indian feet with his contemporary and creative designs. 
The Steve Madden brand started in 1990 has come a long way since it's 20 year existence to establish itself as the footwear mogul in the the world. With youthful designs and creative experimentation with existing designs, one of the most iconic being Steve's take on the modern platform shoe, the Steve Madden brand has expanded from just one store in Queens, New York to 47 countries over the globe. With a vision of making shoes  for women with distinct individual style, Madden says " what inspires me is what I see people wearing around the world from New York to London and beyond. I get my ideas and inspiration from pounding the pavement all over the world.today fashion is dictated by individual style to me fashion of the future is anything that a young girl or guy feels good  wearing as long as it's  put together in the right way." Along with the Steve Madden brand, Madden has opened the Madden Girl line and Steven by Steve Madden for exclusive range of shoes.

 The brand's entry in India is attributed to an exclusive licensing pact with the Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Pvt. Industries. Aiming presently at only women's wear and bringing in lines such as Big Buddha and Madden Girl, the products are designed for
women 16-40 years of age. The first store opened at the DLF promenade mall in New Delhi.

picture courtesy: weheartit.com 
bijoux bijoux 

Monday, October 10, 2011


Never liked the Delhi heat!! No sir....but even more I loath Delhi winter. I associate it with cold and misery,much like Dicken's London in David COpperfield.A much more simpler synonym for winter is YUCK.
So it is that time of the year where I reinvent my own summer, pretend I am in St.Tropez,Miami,Madagascar and such god gifted places...and under sunny bliss.
Yellow definitely is the color first comes to my mind...it basically shouts out SUMMER!...or I gotta pocketful of sunshine :p and thus I declare yellow as the color of this season/any season.Going through the Spring 2012 ready-to-wear collections,I found some amazing shades of yellow and different uses its been put to.

                                                            (all pictures via. style.com)

Helmut Lang, Christian Siriano, Altuzarra, Christian Siriano, and Derak Lam


Vanessa Bruno

Collete Dingham



Elie Saab

Louis Vuitton

Alexander Mcqueen



Monday, September 5, 2011

Instead of stressed, I lie here charmed.

I have as if waited to write a post around the ^^ above title since forever and today found the right story for it.The title is the lyrics of 'Every me and every you' by Placebo...you may remember it as the OST of Cruel Intentions too. WARNING:this peice of music is seriously addictive..sorta like Smells Like Teen Spirit kinda addictive!! <a WTF fact: Teen Spirit was the name of a deo,so Kurt Cobain unknowingly titled this hit about a deo?>

My blogger stats tell me my last post was 2 months ago....i did sort of give up on blogging, didn't really see where it was taking me...however a little time introspecting taught me i couldn't loose touch with writing, so here i am again hehe!

The other day i was watching the VMAs 2011(yes i watch cheap MTV awards) and Lady Gaga (lord bless this woman!!) gave me the best inspiration i have ever had from her. Although her playing Jo Calerone was a tad bit  over, she did leave me wondering about my Alter Ego.

I am the sort of optimist that loooves life especially the one i have been given...but if i get a chance to change and do it over again i would like to be born differently/well i will put it bluntly: cooler.:

The almost random description of my Alter Ego
I heart the name Svetlana - spelt: SWEAT-LAANA.( now i  am making up complete utter crap of a story but bear with me) She would most probably from Lousanne,Switzerland and studying in London. Tall and free spirited, and a beautiful accent, she would be an ace photographer and a gypsy at heart. Her fashion style would be intriguing too...she shouldnt be quirky but shouldnt fit in the crowd too. Svetlana would go to Coldplay concerts and be blessed with excellent taste in music and bakery ( 2 things i fail in the most). oh and she also has a band where she is a drummer (it has always been a fantasy of mine to be a drummer, well be like meg white exactly). She is an aspiring journalist..not unlike my self. but she lands a spot at Rolling Stones as an intern.



Lake House, Home

Molly Ringwald

Agyness-the goddess-Deyn

Doc Martens who doesn't love them?!
Meg White FTW
Brooke Shields 

Alexa aaargh so perfect Chung